Russian Championship 2017

Russia's 2017 aquabike championship. Tver. CONAKOVO RiverKlab. Last weekend Anastas Panchenko, a sportsman from the team "JetSki St.Petersburg Team", won the gold of the Russian championship in 2017 in aquabike in the most dangerous and difficult discipline of ring races in the raceback GP1 (Ranabout GP). The tournament was held in Konakovo district of the Tver region, on the water zone of EVENT-HOTEL KONAKOVO RiverKlab (, from June 16-18, 2017.

The second place was taken by Dmitry Klimenko (Reutov), ​​the third - Dmitry Andreev (St. Petersburg)

Also in St. Petersburg athletes won bronze in the class of runebout GP2 (Ranabout Stock) - Maxim Buckman and silver in the class of the Ski GP3 rally raid (amateurs) - Andrey Ovchinnikov.

The participants of the tournament competed in several classes - ring races (races with a common start), slalom (two-wheeled race at the time) and freestyle (demonstration of the tricks in two minutes). Competitions were held in several age categories - juniors up to 14 and 18 years old competed in ring races and slalom, juniors up to 15 and 18 years in freestyle. The main competitions took place between the adult participants. The championship of Russia ended June 18.